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Tutoring Service

Students will receive personalized lessons by tutors in high school or higher (collegiate to professional level). Lessons are centered around homework help and recommendations of supplemental assignments.

In these sessions, students will be able to ask any questions regarding a particular subject to these tutors at no expense. Interested students can sign up at times most compatible with their schedules. This will allow our volunteers to work around each student’s schedule and prepare for each tutoring session. Through Zoom, tutors will aid students using extensions, such as the whiteboard function, for a more effective learning experience. Each assigned tutor will be able to get to know each student personally to ensure the highest quality of assistance. In this environment, students will be able to ask questions freely and arrange as many sessions as needed.

Curriculum Service

Students will receive interactive lessons for English, Science, and Coding (more subjects will be offered in the future). These curriculums are focused on students’ interest and creativity.

These lessons are carefully developed in collaboration with K-12 teachers, college professors, and high school and college students. These curriculums not only allow students to learn new topics but also spark their creativity by teaching easy hands-on activities.


My kid really enjoyed all the sessions and all the live experiments. I like that we got to know in advance about the project materials. Overall my kid learned a lot and I really appreciate it.

Astha & Astha's Parents

Curriculum Service

My tutor is always helpful. My son always waiting for his tutoring time. He even told me, he feels lucky to meet his tutor. He wishes when he was in high school he wants to teach younger kids like his tutor.

Jason & Jason's Parents

Tutoring Service

It was very good and useful. Brady learned a lot. when Brady started school, he could remind all he learned from the program, and it helped Brady get used to all new environment.

Brady & Brady's Parents

Curriculum Service


Stanford University • Cornell University • Emory University • Northwestern University • Wilmington University • Northeastern University • Indiana Wesleyan University • University of Illinois @ Chicago • Concordia University • Wesleyan University • Notre Dame University • New York University • Massachusetts Institute of Technology • Harvard University • Florida Gulf Coast University • Pennsylvania State University • University of California, Berkeley • University of California, Los Angeles • University of California, Santa Barbera • University of California, Irvine • University of California, San Diego • Indiana Wesleyan University • Bard College at Simon’s Rock • Portola High School • Northwood High School • Albuquerque Academy • Canton High School • Regents School of Austin • Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School • Bartlett High School • Irvine High School • Princeton Day School • South Forsyth High School • Amador Valley High School • Summit Tahoma High School • Mesa High School • Arnold O. Beckman High School • Paxon SAS • Albany High School • Bartlett High School • Mount Hebron High School • Academic Magnet High School • Dougherty Valley High School • Centreville High School • Baylor School • North Penn High School • Academic Magnet High School • MORE COLLEGES & HIGH SCHOOLS